CMS explained - simply!

What is a content managed website? 

A content managed website (CMS) gives you the ability to work on your own website and develop it along with your business at the same time as controlling costs.

It is a simple process to add your own content, add pages, add images, link to videos, use photo galleries. We train you how to do this as part of our standard package.

There are several CMS (content managed systems) on the market. Some are simple to use with some help, others quite simply, are not. We specialise in providing a simple to use solution.

What can I do with CMS?

You can add unlimited pages, extra content and images to your website. The only cost is your own time to do the work. We provide you with a simple training document as reference to performing the main tasks on the website.

What is FTP

FTP (file transfer protocol) is the process of transferring files from your computer to the website. With our CMS package, you do not need to know anything about FTP. You have an ADMIN login and you work on the website live!

How easy is it to update my own website?

It is a very simple process to update your own website. Once logged in you have access to all the functions that allow you to seamlessly develop your site as your business grows and changes. You can keep information on the site completely up-to-date. We train you how to do this and if you are on our standard hosting package, you will receive unlimited help and support via email, Skype and telephone during office hours.

Not all CMS products are the same

Not all CMS website products are the same.

There are many different CMS platforms on the market. We work with just two. Why? Because we think they are the best and the easiest for clients to use and master comfortably. We offer full training with our CMS websites - included in the price, along with unlimited email and telephone support. (During office hours).

We have known many people to be sold a CMS system they just cannot operate. The end result :-

1. They end up paying the designer to update the website - costing them a lot of extra money that had not budgeted for.

2. They do not update their site. One very unhappy customer! After all, it is not what they paid for.

With Proper Job, that will not happen. Wordpress and DNN are recognised as being at the top end of CMS website packages. Easy to use with lots of add ons available for free and to purchase.

Contact us for more details.

Purchase Options

Hosting / Service options

Here to help

We are here to help.

If you do not have the time to update and develop your own site, then help is at hand. We can do any work for you and do it quickly.

With clients who ask us to do the work because they are too busy, we normally turn the work around in 24 hours. We do this at an agreed rate.

We are happy to negotiate with clients for this to be done on a monthly or on an as required basis. Ask us for more details.