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SEO or search engine optimization in Cornwall?

What is SEO or 'search engine optimisation?

In simple English, SEO is the process by which your website is assessed, amended and promoted on a regular basis to help it be more visible to searchers who require your services on the internet.

How are results achieved? 

Basic SEO starts with the design of the website that we construct and we do the basics for you, however, in order to maximize the potential of a website, a structured programme needs to be in place, preferably from the outset, as this reduces costs.

Results are achieved by analysing the content of the pages, the key words and phrases and its general performance against competitor websites. Both on and off-page assessments are conducted on a weekly or monthly basis to check on performance.

How much does a search engine optimisation package cost?

Prices vary depending on what you want to achieve and the amount of work involved. Basic packages can start from as little as £200-300 pa, however, depending on the targets you set, competition and other factors, you may need to budget for several thousands of pounds.

SEO Companies in Camborne and Redruth

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White hat techniques:- The process of optimizing your website ethically so as not to harm it.

Black hat techniques:- Bad SEO practice that can severely damage the health of your website.

On and off-page analysis:- The constant monitoring and (where deemed necessary) changing of the website key words, phrases and content to help maintain performance.

Peer assessment:- Checking the performance of your website against your competition.

Key words and phrases:- The words and phrases used to describe your business or service within the website that are found when users search for a product or service.