Our support system and packages

At Proper Job, we pride ourselves on providing top quality back up and support to our clients.

With a full support package you know that whatever happens, you are only a telephone call, email or Skype call away from help.

When we hand over your website to you, we provide you with the knowledge to keep your site up to date and develop it along with your business. There is no cost to you to add as much or little to your site - unless you ask us to do the work! 

The whole point of CMS is that you can do this yourself without paying a penny extra.

Optional Support

Proper Job Support on Demand

You have the choice of choosing to have a support package included with your website and hosting, or paying for support on demand. The choice is yours. Support is billed on an hourly basis, paid in advance by PayPal.

With Proper Job Support on Demand, you do not pay unless you need the support.

Whats included and what is not

What does support include?

You have access to us Monday to Friday during office hours by email, telephone and Skype. We ALWAYS respond to our emails. Technology being what it is, sometimes things do go astray. If you send us an email and we do not respond, send again and text / telephone us.

If for some reason there is an outage on your website, then please do call us out of hours and we will do our best to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

During your training we will have shown you how to add content etc to your site. When you actually go to do this you may be unsure or maybe you cannot remember what to do.

Do not worry. Just call, skype or mail us and we will help you immediately or as soon as we can. You can do this as many times as you need to. We are here to help you!

Skins and Themes

Website skins and themes.

The website skin or theme is the skeleton that determines the looks, colours and layout control of your website. These are all individually made. We make all of our own themes and skins for our Wordpress and other CMS platforms.

We fully support them and update them as the platform technology dictates. You do not pay for this service as it is included in your design and support package. (Not for on demand customers).

Third party skins and themes.

If you are on the CMS Premium or High Performance plans, you have two options:-

1. When you add additional domains to your package, we can design and implement all of your skins and themes. They will be fully supported... OR

2. You can buy in a third party skin or theme. We will not support these as part of your package. We will install them and MAY work on them but only at an additional hourly rate. When the base software is upgraded, theme and skin updates MAY be necessary. You will be referred back to the original designer in all such events.

A platform update may cause your skin or theme to crash your website. We will not know this until a platform update is applied. For security reasons we apply all updates as we receive them.

Please CONTACT US for full details and clarification of any points