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What you need to know about hosting

Website Hosting Explained.

Whilst we appreciate that some people will know about web hosting, we'll explain what it is in a bit more detail for those that do not. So for those that know, you may skip this bit altogether. For details on HOSTING PACKAGES click this link.

What is hosting?

Simply, hosting is the process of giving your website somewhere to live. Websites 'live' (are hosted) on a computer called a server. Think of a server as a block of flats. Each website lives in a flat. Like tenants, websites rent a flat or space in the block. In the case of our hosting, this is paid for on an annual basis.

Hosting service.

So, why is some hosting more costly than others? Well, just like renting a flat, you can rent cheaply (you get less) or you can pay for a better standard (you get support, backup and assistance), you get more for your money! 

If you rent cheaply, the cost of fixing any problems can quickly escalate and you will often find yourself on your own. Are you confident that you can run software updates, install security updates, fix things if and when they go wrong? If you can then maybe cheaper hosting options are for you.

Peace of mind

What price do you put on your peace of mind?  With our hosting packages, full support and backup for you and your website is provided. We are only ever a phone call or an email away. 

What will you do when you wake up in the morning and find your website down? Put your head in your hands and panic? Pay a fortune maybe to have it fixed or make a support call to us and as part of your package, have us fix the problem for you?

We do a Proper Job! From start to finish. You are never on your own with us!

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